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MetroBabes Announces Model Search mai 4, 2010
MetroBabes announced today a worldwide model search for porn stars, centerfolds, dancers, models and established cam models to appear in its exclusive "Most Wanted" models section and earn up to 70 percent of net revenue and 50 percent from recurring programs.

This exclusive new "Most Wanted" section, to be launched on Wednesday, June 9 2010, will feature top-tier industry talent in private and intimate chats from anywhere in the world. Using the latest technology available, models can perform at their leisure from anywhere with an internet connection, such as their home, office, production set, backstage, convention or hotel using what Metro calls "one of the most advanced cam sites on the internet."

"This is an excellent opportunity for talent to market their brand and broaden their fan base while earning extra money," said Alex Taylor, the company's special projects manager overseeing the program. "This will be a heavily marketed campaign and income generated is directly related to the model's popularity and performance. We expect the "Most Wanted" section to make MetroBabes a leading webcam destination offering the best talent and biggest stars."

Model payouts are the highest in the industry and the income potential is unlimited. Model agents will be protected and are encouraged to inquire about MetroBabes agent fee program.

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